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Most Human Online : 20
Most Akkhan Online : 19
Most Online : 39
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Server info 15/11/2019
Season 3 Reward:

1st Crown RM1500

2nd RM750

3rd RM500

4th until 10th consecutive Prize 300K Medal(Worth RM180)

Server Information:
-Original Armors and Weapons
-Auto Level 100
-High Drop Rate
-Medium Server
-Better graphic quality
-Server From Malaysia(No Delay)
-Ring & Neck by Class
-Use RYL2 Balancer ( all Class Balance )
-Sun and Moon Lagged (Fixed)
-Gold Bug (Store and Guild) Fixed

-Auto level Max 100(Easy)
-Fame System +10-10
-4k4k4k4k newbie item added.
-Newbie Helm Pumkin,Scream,santa hat 2000Def From Special Store
-Newbie Ring & Necklace By Class From Special Store
-Newbie Pant,sleaves,boot,glove 1400 Def From Special Store
-MYReunion Stone can be Upgrade
-Farm metal/gem at gpv/edin/rc/mc
-Farm Gold at gpv/gw/cz
-Farm Santa orb Red/Blue/Green (near island mc/rc)
-Farm Fuser santa Black/Cyan/Pink (gw/cz)
-Fame effect system
-All book LV added
-Add MYReunion Stone
-Add Quest Santa Armor Red/Blue/Green AAA (4595)
-Add Quest Santa Hat Blue,Green,Black,Cyan,Pink (2000)
-Add New Santa Armor Black/Cyan/Pink AAA (4795)
-Add New Armor Medal classic (5095)
-Add Donation D1 list
-Add Donation D2 list
-Add New quest for D1 slate (From D Max to upgrade D1)
-Add New quest for D2 slate (From D1 to upgrade D2)
-Add Letter M,Y,R,E,U,N,I,O,N (Drop from boss)
-Add New boss in Map3 (GPV map3, must party)